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Introduction to the Evolution

What prompted world-renowned physicians and business professionals to come together and develop a top hormone replacement therapy (HRT) clinic? How did their personal goals of maintaining a healthy lifestyle intersect with the art of modern medicine? It began with a prominent neurosurgeon on a mission to curb the influx of new and recurring patients, and it grew into something much more.

Welcome to the Evolution of Health Through Science.

It began with a prominent neurosurgeon on a mission to curb the influx of new and recurring patients, and it grew into something much more.

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The Physician

Dr. Richard Veyna, Evolve’s lead physician, is a twenty-year Board-certified neurosurgeon. His peers recognize the doctor for his expertise and dedication to the profession and are known throughout the community to champion an all-around healthy lifestyle. Dr. Veyna walks the proverbial walk by maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. He focuses on preserving the quality of life that aging’s unwanted effects can often erode. Embracing the latest advancements in regenerative medicine and hormone replacement therapy has helped the doctor improve his health and restore vitality.


A Patient First

As a patient who addressed his own unwanted symptoms of aging with customized treatment plans, Dr. Veyna experienced firsthand the full benefits of hormone replacement therapy. The doctor felt the life-changing impact that hormone replacement therapy provided and set forth on a mission. This being to manage his patients’ unwanted symptoms of aging and to use the highly customizable treatment plans as a preventative measure. The goal was to help minimize the return rate of patients seeking treatment for even more serious conditions down the line.

Success fuels patient-doctor relationships. Sharing similar treatment regimens allowed Dr. Veyna to relate to his patients’ medical experiences and subsequently patients found that they can relate to him!


The Trust Factor

Success fuels patient-doctor relationships. Sharing similar treatment regimens allowed Dr. Veyna to relate to his patients’ medical experiences, and subsequently, patients found that they can relate to him. Patients felt increasingly comfortable knowing that they could trust his first-hand knowledge. The ability to customize treatment plans to fit patients’ unique and evolving body chemistry allowed Dr. Veyna to engage them more effectively than ever.

As a result, his patients could prevent and combat illnesses more efficiently, heal faster, and feel stronger and healthier. Experiencing the positive effects of specialized treatment allowed patients and like-minded professionals to create strong bonds with Dr. Veyna. These developing relationships paved the way for the next step in the evolution. The goal to open a full-time health and wellness clinic in the Metro Detroit area was achieved.


The Team

Dr. Veyna and his partners have developed a system that allows them to work together in a network that caters to patients’ needs with astounding efficiency. Top physicians specializing in regenerative health work with elite, concierge-level customer service specialists to cater to patients’ needs.

Each patient receives an individual concierge coordinator to guide them through lab results and health options. The process allows for the creation of truly customized medical plans that benefit patients and extends a healthy lifestyle.


The Clinic

EVOLVE Health and Wellness Clinic’s Pontiac, Michigan location is open!  The clinic manages physicians’ administrative work and matches patients with optimal health care options not available through normal insurance coverage.

Evolve professionals do best to optimize patients’ lives through specialized nutrition plans, training options, and individualized hormone replacement plans. The goal is to give patients their best selves while focusing on what is important to their healthy lifestyle to deliver a fully customized experience.


Take the First Step Today

Contact the Evolve professionals by calling (248) 847-0031 or use our patient portal links.

Or email us at patient.services@evolvecompanyinc.com


Kickstart the evolution of your health with HRT from Evolve. Body. Mind. Lifestyle.